Hey :) As a Glaswegian, I have brought my readers a few insights into life in Scotland, as those insights have always had a good reception, I thought that I would bring you some more. Just to let you know, in some of the videos embedded in this post there is swearing so if you are uncomfortable with that it may be best to avoid them.

These videos have it all : the good, the bad and the ugly

  1. Glasgow has frequent and reliable public transport, but there is always going to be at least one complete nutter on or interupting your bus.

2. Glasgow also has a wealth of street performers, with different ones performing and busking all over the city centre every single day. Unfortunately they are often interrupted or harrassed by idiots.

3. Glaswegians have a reputation for being able to hold their alcohol. However this has made some Glaswegians think that they are immune to alcohol and they continue drinking long after they should have stopped.

Want to know the interesting thing about all of these videos? Look at how the ordinary everyday people in the videos react to the nutters. They don’t give them a second thought. Their attitudes illustrate more than anything else just how often madness like this occurs in Glasgow. As your reading this post, some Glaswegian, somewhere in Glasgow, is doing something youtube worthy for it’s stupidity/craziness/drunkeness.

Thanks for checking out my blog :)

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