This post contains random insights into life in Scotland. Enjoy.

Scots dictionary :

Scottish word                Proper English

Pal                               Friend

sound                           O.K/fine

wee                              small

wae                              with

heavi                            really

ginger                           fizzy juice

naw                               No

aye                               Yes

mad wae it (mwi)        Drunk

nigel (nae pals)           loner

mankie                       dirty

boggin                        dirty

steamin’                     drunk

pure                          really/very

yasss                         yay/yipee/woo hoo

ya dancer                  yay/yipee/woo hoo

ya beauty                  yay/yipee/woo hoo

nip                             french kiss/ snog

get aff wae                 french kiss/snog

square go                   fight

a                                  I

ma                              my or mother

ma ma                        my mother

da                               father

wain                            child

nuffin                          nothing

class                           good

wae                            with

heavy                         really

mento                        mental /crazy

wanty                        would you like to

coz                            because

peeps                        people/friends

nut                            head

oot                            out      

ragin                         mad/ furious

wis                            was

here yoo                    hello

Examples :   Ma ma wis pure ragin coz a wis mad wae it – My mother was very angry because I was drunk.

It wis pure class man a wis steamin oot ma nut -It was very enjoyable my friend, I was very drunk

Here yoo, yoo wanty nip ma pal? – Hello, would you like to snog my friend?

Stuff to look out for in Scotland

Scotland is a funny scary place to live :)

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