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Have you heard about ‘Rinsingguys?

‘Rinsing’ is the term used to describe the art of convincing guys to buy you presents simply because you are an attractive girl. Seriously.

Rinsing has strict rules, the girls who do this do not exchange sex for gifts, in fact guys should consider themselves lucky if they even meet the girls who they buy presents for.

I found out aboutrinsingon the TV Show ‘Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys’ which followed 3 girls who regularly rinse guys for gifts. In my own opinion 2 of the girls just amounted  to escorts who were paid in gifts. One of them was given £150 every time she went on a date with a guy so to me that is just being an escort. The other one would trawl the high end clubs where rich men hang out and exchange bbm pins (instants messaging contact details for the Blackberry phones) then she would use the instant messaging service to post hints about items she was currently coveting in the hopes that one of the rich guys on her contact list would buy her them. She had some success. After continually posting about how ‘stressed’ she was and how much she needed a holiday, one guy flew her out to new york to be with him and then paid for multiple shopping sprees. However when he realised that she wouldn’t even hold hands with him and that she was there for gifts rather than romance things quickly turned sour.

The Queen of Rinsing however is to be admired. Her name is Danica Thrall and she is a glamour/lingerie model. Her modelling fan base started to randomly send her gifts and she spotted a business opportunity. She created her own website which allows her fans to purchase items such as Jimmy Choo shoes from her Amazon wishlist and send them to her. In the tv show she says that in return she will say thank you to them via twitter and both parties recieve a kind of gift. She gets whatever her fans buy her and her fans get a mention from their favourite model. She also does other things like speak to her fans on skype etc but this is a service which must be paid for.

So what do you think aboutRinsers? I think the first two I mentioned were just glorified gold diggers and also liars. The guys they rinsed  didn’t know that they were being rinsed. They seemed to think they were being dated and both girls did nothing to convince them otherwise.  I can’t really judge Danica though, she started recieving gifts anyway so why shouldn’t she tell people the gifts she wants so that the stuff she recieves will actually be stuff she wants?

Would you rinse a guy? Would you tell a guy if you thought a girl was rinsing him? What do you think about rinsing in general? Is it despicable and manipulative? Or is it a fair practice where guys make their own choice to buy girls gifts and there is nothing wrong with the girls accepting them? Tell us your views in the comments section.

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