So the first Beauty Advent Calendar to go on sale in 2014 is….


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I love Christmas. I love advent calendars. I love cosmetics. I love surprises.

So beauty advent calendars really are Christmas in a box to me. Fortunately the wait is over  and the first beauty advent calendar  of 2014 (that I know of) is now officially on sale!

 So what is it and where can you buy it?

It’s…The Ciate Mini Mani Manor Nail Polish Advent Calendar!

You can only buy it from Selfridges or from , it is £49.00 and while I won’t be buying one myself because I have more nail polish than I can store, it really is an amazing little item and it will sell out FAST. So if you want one then you should hotfoot it over there.

Here is what the calendar looks like :

Ciate 1

They are currently still in stock :)

There are 3 different variations of the calendar and from what I can tell it is a lucky dip as to which variation you will receive.

Wondering what the next beauty advent calendar to go on sale will be?


I’ll let you know soon.

Thanks for checking out my blog :)

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Trying out Alison Stewart Hairdressing


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So last week I went along to the Alison Stewart Hairdressing Salon in Kirkcaldy and was treated to a free (for review) cut and blow-dry with a head massage thrown in.

Leaving my house I looked like this:


Obviously it had been a while since my last haircut and I was ready for a change so I walked into Alison Stewart feeling excited about how I would look when I walked out.


The Salon looks impressive outside and inside it is stylish, bright and modern. I knew just from the decor that I would be treated well here. Clearly a lot of thought went into the layout and design of the salon to make it inviting to customers.

Just to the left of reception was an incredibly well stocked display of the professional products that you can buy from the Alison Stewart salon.


The salon floor was laid out in an attractive half-moon shape. I really liked this minimal look, hair dressing salons are always busy bustling places but this clean no fuss look promoted a more relaxed atmosphere.20140816_123759

 This coupled with the relaxing effect of my head massage had me feeling comfortable, calm and not nervous at all about getting all my hair chopped off.20140816_113945

I was very surprised when I realised it had taken an hour and a half for me to get my hair done. The relaxing setting and comfy chair meant that I wasn’t counting down the minutes until I could leave. I only felt like I was there for 30 minutes or so all in. My boyfriend/photographer for the day probably felt differently about the passage of time but the staff made him feel very welcome and we were both asked a couple of times if we would like tea or coffee etc.

My stylist, Mairi, used the below products from the Kerastase range on my hair. I can honestly say my hair was the softest I have ever felt it, even two days after getting it cut, so I might invest in some Kerastase products to use at home. As a bonus they smell great as well as working wonders.  Mairi used Nectar Thermique on my hair, a leave-in nourishing cream for use with heat-styling and Nectar Ultime with Imperial Tea Extract – this is actually a beautifying oil aimed at colour-treated hair and my hair has no colour in it, I just leave it natural – but Mairi had already worked a few wonders by this point and I was very happy with the end result so I would use this again.20140816_120131

 For my new look I decided to get a fringe and lots of layers, and Mairi delivered:

20140816_123718After my haircut I explored the Salon (told you I didn’t feel like I had been there long)  and found a chic beauty area for nail and beauty treatments:20140816_124113There were also gorgeous treatment rooms with showers! This is the first salon I have been to that has showers.Showers are obviously perfect for washing off massage oil and leg wax so all beauty salons should have them. I was really impressed with this. 20140816_12415120140816_124258Overall I really loved my experience at Alison Stewart, I was treated like a VIP and I’m certain that is the way that they aim to treat all of their customers. Not only did Mairi give me a great cut (exactly what I wanted) but she talked me through each step in caring for and styling my new do and gave me a booklet with personalised recommendations for hair care products to take away with me.

Even though I would have to drive for an hour I would definitely go back. The service and results are well worth the travel time. I was lucky enough to receive my cut and blow-dry for free but for anyone wondering, the cost for my cut & blow-dry, head massage and styling products used was around £53.00 – not bad for a new do, some pampering and a lesson in hair-care all from a Salon Director.

There are currently 2 Alison Stewart Hairdressing Salons, one in Kirkcaldy and one in Glenrothes so if you live nearby you should definitely pop in for a trim and experience the Alison Stewart Treatment.

To find out more about Alison Stewart Hairdressing visit 

I would like to say Thank You to Alison Stewart and Mairi for inviting me to the salon, treating me well and giving me a great new look. I would also like to thank Kelly Jones at AJPR for making this opportunity available to me.

 Thanks for checking out my blog :)

12 Problems you have when you are a fashion or beauty blogger


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Pretty sure I can’t be the only blogger to face these problems.


1. You get frustrated using bloglovin’ because, while it is great for reading blogs from lots of different platforms, trying to leave a comment on it is a nightmare, which ID to use? Which one works? Why can’t I just have a bloglovin’ ID? My wordpress ID doesn’t work. ARRGHG!

2. You can remember other bloggers usernames or blog addresses but when a blogger friends you on Facebook or follows you on twitter using their actual name you have no idea who they are.


3. You decide to review a product but oh wait someone you follow reviewed that yesterday.

4. Oh wow you just found out X,Y,Z, what a great thing to blog about! Tough, the rest of the world found out yesterday…and they blogged about it.

5. You would love a personal photographer for your OOTD posts but would never actually hire one. Boyfriend /Flatmate/self timer will just have to do.

6. There are too. many. social networks. How are you supposed to post on your blog, Instagram, tweet, post on facebook, upload to tumblr, post to google cirlcles etc. all in one day, nevermind interact with other bloggers across all of those platforms.

social networks

7. No one told you that blogging is a full time hobby.  Somewhere between work, your social life and mundane stuff like getting         your washing done and buying groceries you have to find the time for the most time consuming hobby ever.

8. Your laptop is ALWAYS on.

9. You freak out about what to wear to blogger events because you are a blogger and you are supposed to look cool, fashionable, unique and edgy but you are also a scaredy-cat who is afraid of drawing too much attention to themselves.

dress choice

10. You face the whole should I wear makeup/ style my hair before attending an event where you will get your hair and/or make up done.

11. You want to post your make up and fashion looks/outfits but are scared about putting pictures of yourself on the internet.

12 When you are away from your laptop you have a million ideas for blog posts and inspiration is everywhere. The minute you switch on your computer – tumbleweed.


Let me know if you experience these problems too or if you experience any other problems as a blogger.


Thanks for checking out my blog :)

Inside the July 2014 Glossybox


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Just a quick post today to show you what I received inside my July Glossybox.

20140725_115818 20140725_120008 20140725_150614 20140725_120111


Toast of the Town Photography Workshop


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So on Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the Toast of the Town photography workshop hosted by Millennium Hotel in George Square ( a gorgeous hotel, see for yourself at ) in partnership with Joes Bloggers and Dreghorn Photography.

The workshop was very useful and I learned how to properly use the ISO and shutter speed settings on my camera. I also learned the most important rule of photography – NEVER USE AUTO! 

We learned the basics about ISO and Shutter speed and then we got to practice with our cameras to reinforce what we had learned.

I am so glad that I learned about how to use my camera’s shutter speed settings because now I can go from this:

20140712_130837To this :

20140712_131028We also learned how to pick the right background for portrait photos. My partner for background exercises was the lovely Laura from  and here are some of the images I took of her :

20140712_12373720140712_124116Then it was time to break for lunch.

20140712_132738I had a haggis bon bon, a mini burger and a venison sausage hotdog. I have never tried venison before but I was very impressed with the venison sausage, it was a little tough but tasted great. There were also gorgeous looking desserts on offer but I was too full to go and get one.

After lunch we visited George Square, Royal Exchange Square and Buchanan Street and were let loose to put our lessons into practice and take interesting photos.

I spent most of my time experimenting with what I had learned about ISO and shutter speed so I took a lot of rubbish photos but there were some that I liked:

Photos from George Square


20140712_144116 20140712_144514

Photos from Royal Exchange Square



Photo from Buchanan Street

20140712_150527At the end of the workshop I was given a nice goody-bag by Millennium Hotels which contained, among other things, a camera cleaning kit which will be very useful :)



To see the pictures taken by other bloggers  during the workshop checkout #toastofthetown on twitter.

Thank you to Millennium Hotels, Joe’s Bloggers and Dreghorn Photography for a great workshop, I learned a lot!

Thanks for checking out my blog :)


Sleeping Beauty Salon Blogger Event


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On Tuesday evening I made my way to Edinburgh to attend a blogger event at Sleeping Beauty Salon. I was so impressed by the salon, it’s services and it’s staff that, although I don’t live in Edinburgh,  I am planning on travelling there to visit the salon again and get some more treatments.


Upon arrival at the Salon I was greeted with cocktails and cupcakes.20140708_184043 20140708_184015

and handed a pleasantly  heavy goody bag (the contents of which were amazing)20140708_215701
Then I was told that the Salon was offering us lucky bloggers a variety of free treatments including:

  • Eyebrow threading and waxing
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Shellac Manicures
  • Application of Nouveau Lashes from the Millie Mackintosh range

AND we could have as many treatments as we liked!

While I decided which treatments I would like to get I explored the salon and took some pics of it’s lovely decor and products:

20140708_184024 (2)

20140708_192029_LLS 20140708_191815 20140708_184351 20140708_183952

20140708_191921_LLS (1)

I then decided to have a manicure 


This shade is called ‘sugar spice’ and it is from Shellac’s own polish range.

I also had some Nouveau Lashes applied, I chose the City lashes from the Millie Mackintosh range and I was really happy with how natural they looked.


When I got home I opened my goody bag and was far from disappointed.


I have already used some of the products that I received so look out for some reviews coming soon.

I received a voucher for a Hot Lava Shell Massage so I will definitely be visiting Sleeping Beauty Salon soon for that and I’m having some issues with my skin at the moment so I am thinking of booking a facial also – so look out for reviews of those treatments.

Sleeping Beauty Salon has a membership system  which for a fixed price of £550.00 for a year or £275.00 for 6 months entitles you to £50.00 worth of treatments every month. Members also receive significant discounts on all treatments and the salon also has a point based loyalty system. It’s easy to see why the chain has won so many awards.

You can find Sleeping Beauty Salons in Edinburgh, Inverness and Lerwick, to find your nearest salon go to

I would like to thank Kelly at AJ PR for inviting me to this event and all the staff at Sleeping Beauty Salon for being so welcoming and friendly and for hosting this great event. 

Thanks for checking out my blog :)

Fire at ASOS Warehouse forces them to take their website down for unknown period


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Sad news folks :(

ASOS warehouse caught fire last night. Fortunately no one was hurt but they have, understandably, taken down until they can assess the damage.

When you visit the website you will be greeted by the following message:




ASOS is my favourite online store because they have great products and they provide great service to their customers. I hope the company recovers from this tragedy soon.

Flash Tattoos – Your new summer accessory


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Today I received the July issue of ASOS magazine and one of the items featured in it were these really cool temporary tattoos that look like jewellery. They are called Flash Tattoos.

Child of Wild Sofia Goldfish Kiss

They look amazing and I predict that they will be one of the biggest trends this summer. I asked ASOS when they will be in stock and they played it cool by telling me :

asos tweet


So I am guessing that they will be in stock soon. If you just can’t wait then you can buy them now from  

The tattoos come in collections which contain 3 or 4 sheets of designs. The tattoos pictured above are from the Child of Wild, Sofia, and Goldfish Kiss collections and cost $30, $22 and $20 respectively. They last between 4 and 6 days and  you just need water to apply them. If you have them on while in the sun then you will get tan lines – absolutely gorgeous ones.

Just imagine the tan line from these tattoos from the Dakota collection :



This was not a sponsored post, I just found out about Flash Tattoos and thought that you might like to find out about them too.

Thanks for checking out my blog :)



Solange Knowles attacks Jay Z – Video, memes and more


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In the video below Solange viciously attacks Jay Z in a lift while Beyonce looks on. The trio were leaving the Met Gala after party. After the attack Beyonce and Solange leave in a car together without Jay Z.


Now that the video has gone viral it has attracted a lot of attention.  #WhatJayZSaidToSolange is currently one of the most popular hash tags on Twitter and a host of new memes poking fun at the incident have been created.








Thanks for checking out my blog :)


Print Your Own MAKEUP!!!


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Thanks to Mink it is now possible to PRINT MAKEUP!

The video below shows Grace the founder of Mink demonstrating how the Mink Make Makeup Printer lets you print makeup (eyeshadow, blusher, foundation or lipstick) in ANY colour, just by using an image from your laptop, camera or phone.

Basically if you see someone wearing a cool colour on their lips, take a snap and print your lipstick in the same colour. Or snap a picture of a daffodil and get an eyeshadow in the same colour. Or look at funny cat pictures online and think that colour of fur would be great as a foundation and…you get the picture.

Grace literally prints an eyeshadow in this video.

If you think this printer looks as awesome as I do then you will want to sign-up here to be notified when it goes on sale.

Makeup will never be the same again.

*This is not a sponspored post, I just found out about this and thought that it was really cool.

Thanks for checking out my blog :)



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